How do I register to compete?

While some dojos have the ability to process registrations in-house for The Pacific Tournament (check with your dojo and see if they do), most competitors will register online. Visit this page to register:

Why is The Pacific Tournament held over two days?

The Pacific Tournament is held on two days in May to allow adults to compete together (Sunday) and kids to compete together (Saturday). This allows us to give each division as much time as possible for their events without rushing any groups.

Do I need to buy a spectator ticket if I am competing?

No – registering to compete means you can also watch any events on the day of your event. HOWEVER, if you are an adult competitor, and wish to watch Kids events (on Saturday), you'll need a Saturday spectator ticket; similarly, if you are competing in the Kids division, and want to watch Adult events on Sunday, you'll need a spectator ticket for Sunday.

How do I get a copy of the Rules for Kata or Kumite?

PDF versions of the rules (which are the USOC National Karate Federation official rules, as based on the World Karate Federation 2015 rules) are available at the bottom of this page.

I'm competing on Saturday. What do I need to know?

Saturday Competitors are those under 18 years of age, and are divided into three major groups by age.

ALL COMPETITORS must report at the competitor check-in by 8:45AM. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE. You should allow EXTRA TIME for parking because the area around the tournament is likely to be busy with spectators and competitors looking for parking.

If you are competing, you do not need a ticket. However, EVERYONE with you, regardless of age is required to have a ticket. This includes parents, siblings, coaches, etc. The only exception is an infant that will be seated on a lap -- otherwise all other child spectators are required to have tickets.

Please note that there may not be tickets available for purchase at the day of the Tournament -- please purchase your tickets online or at any Pacific Tournament-affliated dojo.

To compete, you must be in a white, traditional karate gi. You must have an official rank belt, or you must have with you regulation red AND blue competition belts.

Note that there are specific rules regarding uniforms (see the rules for kata, below, on this page). In summary, the rules permit a small chest and/or shoulder patch, but they DO NOT PERMIT any designs, patches, or other messages on the back of the gi, or in excess on the front of the gi.

Members of the USOC National Karate Federation are required to have an official US Olympic shoulder patch.

Download KATA Rules

Download the official Pacific Tournament rules for Kata competition. (PDF format)

Download KUMITE Rules

Download the official Pacific Tournament rules for Kumite competition. (PDF format)