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Terms of Registration and Competition

All competitors who register to compete are required to agree to The Pacific Tournament's standard terms of competition and registration. If you register to compete, then you agree to abide by these terms.

The Pacific Tournament is completely focused and dedicated to keeping all of our  staff, competitors, and spectators safe. However, sometimes accidents happen and our staff members, spectators, or other competitors may even make mistakes that cause accidents to happen.

So, in this agreement, you are being asked to state that you know that competing at the Tournament, or watching the Tournament as a spectator, can potentially cause injuries, including very serious injuries or death, and that you will not hold anyone at The Pacific Tournament, our hosting organization Goju Karate, or any tournament staff member, competitor, or spectator legally responsible for such accidents or injuries.

This agreement also gives The Pacific Tournament the ability to sometimes offer first aid to any staff member, competitor, or spectator if we think that’s the best thing to do, and to sometimes use photos or videos of you that we take during the Tournament in advertising or on our website.

There are more specifics in the agreement below: please read it carefully: if you compete in the Tournament, attend the Tournament as a spectator, or are a staff member (paid or volunteer) at the Tournament, you are agreeing to these terms.


The Competitor or Spectator – which we'll refer to as the "Attendee" below (or in the case of a legal minor, any reference to “Competitor” or "Spectator" or "Attendee" shall be construed to mean “Parent or Guardian on behalf of the Competitor or Spectator or Attendee”) – represents that he or she has been informed of the nature and risks involved in karate, martial arts, and the athletic activities conducted at The Pacific Tournament and warrants without exception that he or she is physically and mentally fit to participate in such activities.

Even if the Attendee has any known mental or physical limitations, the Attendee acknowledges that officials or staff members at The Pacific Tournament are not qualified to evaluate such limitations or their effect on the Attendee ability to participate in any activities performed, taught, or held at The Pacific Tournament and are not expected to do so. The Attendee assumes the risk of any and all accidents and injuries of any kind sustained by her or him by reason or in connection with said karate, martial arts, or athletic activities whether the same are caused by, or attributed to, the negligence or gross negligence of the officials or staff members or otherwise.

The Attendee further agrees that he or she understands that karate, martial arts, and other athletic activities performed at The Pacific Tournament involve defensive and offensive skills and training which include violent and sudden movements.

In connection with the competition, training and instruction given at The Pacific Tournament, and the activities performed here, there will be physical contact between officials and staff members, and Attendees, and between and among the Attendees themselves.

Furthermore, and in addition, such contacts may result in personal injury despite the best intentions and following adequate precautions. The Attendee agrees that neither the tournament officials or staff members nor The Pacific Tournament nor any of the employees or representatives of Goju Karate (the hosting organization) shall be responsible for and are hereby released from any liability, claim, loss -- including loss of property, damage, personal-injury, or expense incurred by the Attendee or anyone claiming through the Attendee, or related to any activity connected with Goju Karate, including, but not limited to, a loss caused by the negligence or gross negligence of the instructors, staff members, tournament officials, The Pacific Tournament or Goju Karate or any of its agents, employees or otherwise.

The Attendee further agrees to assume the risk of any accident or injury of any kind sustained anyplace in the building where said karate, martial arts, or other athletic activities are held, or on entering or leaving such building and herby releases, discharges and absolves Goju Karate, its agents and employees of any and all liability and responsibility for any accidents or injuries, whether the same are caused by or attributed to their negligence or the negligence of any of them.

The applicant fully understands that any medical treatment given will be of first aid type, and only in the event that the Attendee requires or requests it, and that such first aid shall be administered or withheld at the sole discretion of The Pacific Tournament, its staff members, tournament officials, and volunteers, and Attendee explicitly releases Goju Karate, its instructors, employees, officers, or agents from any liability in connection with the rendering of, or failure to, render such first aid.

In the event that a parent gives assent to this agreement on behalf of a minor child, the parent or guardian warrants (a) that parent has such legal right to enter into this agreement on behalf of the child and (b) that the parent or guardian hereby gives consent and explicit direction to offer or withhold rudimentary first aid to his or her child

The Attendee consents to the use of, and waives any compensation whatsoever for, all pictures, movies, videos, audio recordings, TV, media coverage, etc. by The Pacific Tournament or those designated by them.

All references to “The Pacific Tournament” in this agreement shall also be extended to include any and all waivers of liability to allied or unaffiliated organizations.

All references to “Goju Karate” in this agreement shall also be extended to include any and all waivers of liability to allied or unaffiliated organizations, including but not limited to Goju Karate Inc., Goju Karate Kizuna, a Non-Profit Organization, and any other affiliate of Goju Karate.